Great Minds of Advertising

by Madeleine Faye Amante

As future advertisers, we value every commercials, posters, billboards, etc., that we are seeing, every day. We notice the good and witty advertisements while the boring and plain are unrecognized. As advertising students of UST, it is important to know who are the people behind these amazing ads. For me, we should make them as an inspiration because of the innate versatility of their minds.  <– Article

I will be gratified to learn the techniques, approach, and ways of making a brilliant Concept. I learn a lot from these articles and some books in the library but I know these readings are not enough. As advertising students of UST, we are privileged to have Advertising Practice as a course and we are able to learn things first hand from our professors. Advertising Practice I think is the most important course for me because I will soon be working in the Advertising world, every lecture taught in class is a great way to feed our minds. I hope that someday we will also be on these articles and books to be able to inspire the next generation of artists.

Top Ten Social Media Advertising Technique

Here are some techniques that can be used for social media advertising and as an advertising students, I think we will be able to use these techniques in the future. 

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