You have won my attention but so did you my wrath!
May Spammer TELEFOREX Feel The Same ANXIETY

May the family members of this spammer +639327205951 feel the same ANXIETY that my family members felt when we received this message from him:

I QUOTE “Lubog daw pamilya mo sa utang? may naninira sa inyo mga swindler daw kayo nasa http://www.myteleforex.com nakakahiya kayo! mga muka ninyo nandun pati bahay ninyo!” END OF QUOTE

A most insensitive spam

(ENGLISH TRANSLATION OF SPAM Your family is drowning in debt. Someone is defaming you, calling you a swindler http://www.myteleforex.com you are disgusting! your faces, included your house is posted there.)

My wrath on blogger.

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