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by Rom Cumagun

The regularity of your blogging (more than the quantity) is what matters. See the first post prior to this,

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No author has complied with Students Joining This Workshop Gets Perfect Score.

I would like to commend the three authors who have actively co-authored with me. I recommend further that you edit your gravatars so that your public will know more about what you have been up to.

Support MinutePhysics and MinuteEarth by soladeambula seemed more like a blog for science and so I slanted the story to make it more advertising related.

Students Joining This Workshop Gets Perfect Score by  janinasimbillo

Reblogging is a goodway to create content but I recommend you put more comments.

Creative Advertising Ideas by  IrishRabena is very helpful and I recommend that bloggers do their best to comment more.

Monitoring Co- Authorship Advertising blog Screenshot 2014-08-14 20.14.58

Monitoring Co- Authorship Advertising blog Screenshot 2014-08-14 20.14.58

advertising Marist 1982

Special thanks to Arch. Arch. Nuj Ar, University of Santo Tomas, College of Architecture Alumni, who generously shared significant feedback so that this video will improve.

STEM & Arts Academy Logo Design Contest

Stem Design Logo Contest

Stem Design Logo Contest

Join Logo Design Contest

Prize: P2000
Due Date: Two Weeks After Prelim Exams
Email at:

STEM & Arts Academy
Science, Technology, EngRobotics, Mathematics (STEM) & Arts Academy

Company’s Objective:
To provide professionals and K-12 regular and students with special needs non-formal and informal education in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering (including Robotics), Mathematics & Arts.

The acronym STEM is already a common vernacular to international education meaning Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM is created with the prime objective to encourage and educate K-12 students to pursue careers in Science and Math. Other variation of STEM is STEAM which incorporate Arts or Agriculture to STEM. The company decided to maintain STEM and Arts separately.

The company is very new and the founder is an engineer (UST), a child specialist (UP), an author with published Math books, and who has education degrees graduated locally and internationally, including Math, Physics and Robotics teaching licenses in the US.

Josette Perez University of Santo Tomas, College of Engineering Alumna
(Among other academic preparations)

Key Terms and Expectations:

  • Technical but kid friendly to reflect serious school for kids and adults
  • Colorful and inviting
  • Simple but eyecatching
  • Meaningful


  • sounds like a tree soft trunk
  • sounds like stem cell technology

Possible Future Projects:

  • Calling card design
  • brochure

Submission Requirements

  • Logo design: both in color and black & white
  • Size: less than half page but more than ¼ page
  • Pls. Provide short description of the meaning of the logo design
  • Can submit multiple designs

Download the .doc file of competition information