ang sakit sakit!

John Michael Alcantara

By John Michael Alcantara


hindi ko alam kung ako lang ba yung may pakiramdam na ganito.

hindi ko alam kung ayaw ko ba makisama sa mga nangyayaring ito.

di ko alam ang gagawin ko, bakit ba kasi ganito?

hindi kita maintindihan, alam ko magmumukhang bastos ako.


ano na ba’ng napag-aralan ko? gumawa ng account sa

hindi ko alam bakit ako nagkakaganito, at ano na? prelims na ngayon.

papasok ako, uupo, ngingiti ka, ngingiti sila. oras na at ako’y lalabas ng room

papasok ako, uupo, ngingiti ka, ngingiti sila. oras na at ako’y lalabas ng room


 tatlong oras na nga lang tayo magkita kada linggo at magpi-picture lang tayo.

bigyan mo naman ako ng time! sa ay talagang nagseselos na ako.

sa tuwing magkikita, ako’y napapa-“ABA!” ano na ang natutunan ko?

mahal kita. miss lang talaga kita, sorry na mahal ko!

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The Other 50% of The Prelim Exams- ADPRAC 4 PRELIM EXAM (TO BE CONTINUED)

Nicole Shane Abria Perez NS102 3AD-6

Nicole Shane Abria Perez NS102 3AD-6

Read the Chapters and Post Ten Topics Regarding “Creative Strategy and the Creative Process” “Creative Execution: Art and Execution” Post your Title with Link Here
1 The Creative Team
2 What Makes Great Advertising,
3 Formulating Advertising Strategy the Key to Great Creative
4 How Creativity Enhances Advertising, The Creative Process
5 The Explorer Role (Gathering Information)
6 The Artist Role (Developing and Implementing The Big Idea)
7 The Judge Role (Decision Time)
8 The Warrior Role (Overcoming Setbacks and Obstacles)
9 Delivering on the Big Idea (The Visual and the Verbal
10 The Art of Creating Print Advertising.
Comment 10 times to posts of co-authors. Copy paste Your comment here Copy Paste link to your comment here
1 Nicely put oh my 🙂 Perfect for this [hell] week hahahaha
2 Omg those poor animals 😦 They have their own rights too so we need to respect them! We need to save and stand up for these wonderful creatures! The ads are carefully and brilliantly executed. Really powerful indeed.
3  I know it sounds weird but this is one of the funniest videos eveeeeeer! I have a love-hate relationship with McDonald’s and this video is very on point. Talk about hating the real version whilst loving the fact that, other than they’re extremely addicting, the video makes me laugh so hard I have to buy a large fries just so I could love and hate it again. Nice one, Ronald! 🙂
4  One of the best contemporary artists of her time for me. Nice workkkkkk 🙂
5 This is just really niceeeee. I love the illustrations too! Wish I could illustrate and animate like this!
6 FEELS OH MY GOSH NICELY DONEEEE. Hold on, friend. Just like what Franco said, “The world is gonna see some better days. If healing starts within yourself today” 😉
7  Thank you for sharing these facts! They’re very interesting indeed! 🙂
9 I have to try this! Thank you for sharing, Eysh! 🙂
10 Your journal is so cute! I definitely have to update mine now hahaha 🙂
Share 10 different posts of yours (or post of co-authors) to 10 different internet channels Copy Paste links or upload files here
1 “on the road”
2 “McDonald’s Ads vs The Real Thing”
3 “So you need a new Typeface?”
4 “Syrup: Exposes the Cut Throat World of Advertising”
Write 5 Jokes Related to Advertising
1 Joe: I can’t understand why you failed in business,
Pete: Too much advertising
Joe: What do you mean too much advertising? You never spent a dime on advertising.
Pete: That’s true, but my competitors did.
2 Advertising is effective. My kid was saying grace and said thank you for this daily, slow-rising, butter-crusted, vitamin-enriched bread haha
3 If ad agents were smart they would schedule trapo commercials to follow political ads.
Share 5 Favorite Books of Advertising Share links here
1 Caffeine for the Creative Mind

Caffeine for the Creative Mind by Stefan Mumaw and Wendy Lee Oldfield

2 Milton Glaser: Graphic Design
3 The Art of War
4 Advertising Media Plannning
5 Ogilvy on Advertising
Share 5 Advertising Related Music
1 “Alive” Empire of the Sun: Bell Mobility Samsung Commercial
2 “Sorry” by Clooney Bite Back:The CW Vampire Diaries Commercial Song
3 “Kiss” by David Holmes: Gap Fall 2014 Commercial Song
4 “Bad Girls” by M.I.A.: Shop Like A Boss, KMART Commercial Song
5 “Turn Down For What” by DJ Snake Lil Jon: Nissan Heisman’s Roomates Commercial Song
Record on Video a special skill you can do with your body (which you think is useful for Advertising and upload In Youtube or another video sharing site. the Link of the post here
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