20 Must See Attention Grabbing Advertisements Around the World


“Some are thought-provoking, some are interactive others might give you a giggle, but they all stand hand and shoulders above the vast majority of ads out there, for their sheer ingenuity, concepts and execution.”

Typography is hard to pull off as an advertisement

Maybe this is because that people’s attention are often caught with pictures. But hey, that’s why we are mastering compositions here at CFAD.

Here’s my favorite work of mine 🙂 Probably because it’s the only typography I have. Actually, I hate it.

Del Rosario, Ihna Marie [Prelims]

Pantene Commercial

by Nicole Evangelista ADPRAC4 3AD-4

This commercial was one of the best commercials I’ve ever watched. This video shows what true talent is all about. Watch this and be amazed! 😀