Dear Friends of Rom,

Whatever status in life you are in — economic, emotional, physical, spiritual, educational, etc. —  I invite you to volunteer writing with me in this blog.

Whatever occupation you engage in — Management, Business, Finance, Administration, Natural Science, Applied Science, Science Related Occupations, Health, Education, Law, Social Service, Community Service, Government Service, Art, Culture, Recreation, Sport, Sales, Service, Trades, Transport, Equipment Operator, Trades Related Occupations, Natural Resources, Agriculture, Related Production Occupations, Manufacturing, Utilities —- I invite you to co-write with me in this blog.

How do we do this?

  1. You can email me everything and anything that you might think will be useful to this blog’s users — article contribution, press release, questions, compliments & complaints, suggestions & other matters. I will then answer, edit and post giving due credit to the the email sender.
  2. It is easier if you have a wordpress account. Just inform me you are interested as a volunteer writer and I will send an email to your wordpress user name or email. I recommend opening a free wordpress account for those who don’t have yet.

Writing To Learn
Blogsite Co-Authorship Philosophy & History

This blog is originally my pedagogic tool which I used for my Advertising and Natural Science classes at the University of Santo Tomas. I deeply believe that if they become writers at heart, no matter what field they decide to pursue, they will succeed. After they have concluded attending my classes, in fact even after they graduate from the university, they can still co-write with me.

The goal is lifelong learning.

ADPRAC4 3AD-4 10:00 am Friday ROOM 604 Advertising Practice: Concept Development


University of Santo Tomas
SY 2014-15 1st Sem
College of Fine Arts and Design
Section 3AD-4 Schedule F 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Course ADPRAC 4 Venue Rm 604
Description Concept Development    
Username First Name Last Name  
2012043324 JEANNE ELIZABETH ABOGA Jeanne Elizabeth Aboga
2012043796 MARTIN LAWRENCE AGLERON Martin Laurence Agleron
John Michael Alcantara  John Michael Alcantara
2012043327 MADELEINE FAYE AMANTE Amante, Madeleine Faye
2012039647 KATHLEEN KATE ANG Kathleen Kate Ang
2011029654 AUDREY MAR GABRIELLE ARIAS Arias, Audrey Mar Gabrielle 3AD-4 UST
2011032586 JESSICA YSABEL BALDOZA Baldosa, Jessica Ysabel
2011032588 MADELAINE DOROTHY BARLETA Barleta, Madelaine Dorothy T.
2012039748 BEATRICE ALLYANA YASMIN BILAR Bilar, Beatrice Allyana Yasmin Wagan
2012039783 PAUL VAN CALLA Paul Van Calla
2012039795 YJAH YVES CARLOS Yjah Yves Carlos
2012039807 CARL ANDREI CASTRO Carl Andrei Castro
2012039819 JOHN WRECCSOR CESTINA John Wreccsor Cestina
2012039855 TRISTAN RAE DARAN Tristan Rae Daran
2012039861 PEARL MELINDA DE LEON Pearl Melinda De leon
2012043333 MICHELLE RAE DELGADO Michelle Rae Delgado
2012039881 AILEEN JOYCE DIZON Dizon, Aileen Joyce Agbada
2012039882 EISTIENE DONAIRE Donaire, Eistiene U.
2012039888 JEZCA EILEEN ENRIQUEZ Jezca Eileen Enriquez
2012047207 MA. ANDREA THERESE ESPIRITU Espiritu, Ma. Andrea Therese
2012039894 NICOLE EVANGELISTA Nicole Evangelista
2012039910 IMMA MONICA GARVIDA Imma Monica Garvida
2012047210 MIA MARIE TREXY GOLILAT Mia Marie Trexy Golilat
2012047211 CLARISSA GREGORIO Clarissa Gregorio
2012039934 CAMILLE ANNE HORTALEZA Hortaleza, Camille Anne F.
2012040456 JERICSON JABAR Jericson Jabar
Gerome Javellana Jerome Javellana
2012040884 TRIZSA CELINE MAALA Maala, Trizsa Celine S.
2012041387 MARY MADELEINE MENDEGORIA Mendegoria, Mary Madeleine
2012043351 MARIELLE BEA MERCADO Mercado, Marielle Bea
2012040920 JEANETTE MONTEJO Jeanette Montejo
2012040932 JASON NAVARRO Navarro, Jason
2012040939 RACHEL DENISE NICOLAS Rachel, Nicolas Denise
Isabela Putosa Olguera Olguera, Isabela Putosa
2012040943 GLAIZA MAE OMAÑA Glaiza Mae Omana
Bernice Tolentino Pangan Pangan, Bernice Tolentino
2012043360 STEPHANIE JOYCE PASTRANA Pastrana, Stephanie Joyce
2012040976 JUAN CARLOS PIZARRO Pizarro, Juan Carlos S.
2012041022 LANZ REGINALD SANTOS Lanz Reginald Santos
2012041083 DIOSELLE TENG Teng, Dioselle T.
2012041097 JANILLE DENISE UMALI Umali, Janille Denise 3AD-7
2012041131 KATHRYN SIMONE ZAYCO image

Prof. Rom Cumagun

Prof. Rom Cumagun

AdPrac 4 3AD-6 1pm Fri SY2014-15 1st Sem

Section: 3AD-6
Schedule: F 01:00pm – 04:00pm 6 Flr. Rm. 604S
Course ADPRAC 4
Total Units: 3
Student Number Name
2012039602 AGUILAR, TRINA JOY Luiza Artillero
2012039694 ARTILLERO, LUIZA Trina Aguilar
2012047205 BACAY, PAMELA ANGELINE Pamela Bacay
2012039696 Balana, Michael John Michael John T. Balana2
2012043328 BANDONG, JANEA EIYA Bandong, Janea Eiya
2011033354 BERNABE, MA. KRISTINA Maria Christina Bernabe
2012039781 CAISIP, CHRISTINE MINEDDE Christine Caisip
2011033992 CALARA, RAZELLE Razelle D Calara
2012039815 CAYAS, SHAWN MARGARET Shawn Cayas
2012043408 CRUZ, ELIJAH Elijah
2011032652 DEL ROSARIO, IHNA MARIE Del Rosario Ihna Marie
2012039870 DELA CRUZ, ZARINA MARI Zarina De la Cruz
2012047273 DEOFERIO, BRYAN PAULO Brian Deoferio
2012044058 ESTONILO, MARIONNE ALEENAH Marion Estonilo
2012039900 FERNANDO, ZYREL NOA Zyrel Fernando
2012039904 GABAO, AARON MATTHEW Aaron Gabao
2012045520 GABRIEL, ALLANA BEATRICE jAllana Beatrice Gabriel
2012039907 GARCIA, RICAEL JAZMINE Ricael Garcia
2012045407 GUANGKO, LEA ALEXANDRA Lea Guangko
2012045408 GUBATINA, AENRO MIKKO Aenro Gubatina
2012039930 HERNANDO, YOHANCE KIEFFER Yohance Hernando
2012040449 Indiongco, Kristoffer Alessandro Kristoffer Idiongco
2012040453 INOCENCIO, STEPHANIE Stephanie Innocencio
2012045409 JADULANG, FRANCO LEE Franco Jadulang
2012040543 LEE, HILLARY IVANNA Hilary Lee
2012047272 Majano, Ashernel Cao Ashernel Cao Manalo
2012043347 MANALOTO, PATRICK JASON Patrick Manaloto
2012040918 MISTICA, ROZETTE Mystq
2012043355 NOEL, EINJEL ANTHONY Einjel Noel
2012040968 PEREZ, ANGEL MARIES Angel Perez
2012040971 Perez, Nicole Shane Abria Allana Beatrice Gabriel
2012040979 QUIAMBAO, MICHAEL PSALM Quiambao, Michael Psalm
2012047216 RABENA, IRISH MONIQUE Irish Rabena
2012045411 REYES, ANDREA Andrea Reyes
2010015185 San Juan, Mary Hazel Mary Hazel San Juan
2010023742 SION, FRANCES Frances Sion
2012041052 SORIBELLO, KIRSTEN Soribello Kristen
2012041081 TALAPIAN, JOHN PAUL John Paul Talapian
2012045412 TOBIAS, FRANCHESCA Francesca Tobias
2012041110 VELASCO, AUSTINE THERESE Austine Therese Velasco
2012041122 VINALAY, KATRINA MAE Katrina Mae Vinalay
2012041129 YONGQUE, DARRAH KATE Youngke, Darrah Kate

Prof. Rom Cumagun


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