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accuracy of the solar systeM’s Model

how they Move?
by Ihna Marie Del Rosario ADprac4 3AD-6

Here’s the catch 🙂 And it was never taught to us, neither elementary, or high school :v

More info!

My Dream For You

Engines of Commerce

Dear Francesca

My heart did break when no one in the class stood up to clarify your query in my behalf. I felt like I have miserable failed as a professor and have earned my salary unjustly.  I realize, too, that I should have prepared you more for the teaching style that I wanted to implement. Here is the page where I share the direction of our science class. Thank you for recognising my dream for all of you to become well-rounded learners and knowledge creators — authors, in other words. To quote my speech that day, “my dream is for you not to be just reading about Einstein but for you to be like Einstein, discovering something new which others will study. Thank you for indicating your willingness to try out my invitation to study with the blogosphere in mind; I, too will do my best to adjust my…

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