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There are two things you need to know about me, I fancy rock music and a certified slacker, so deal with it.

Giving Back. Amplified

fill your mind with positive thoughts!

LTSN stands for “listen” and it was a brand of earphones/headphones established to help the hearing impaired. What LSTN does is a very powerful message and deserves the attention they have. They don’t want to start another headphone company, they wanted to start a company that could change the world with the power of music. For every headphone they sell, they help restore hearing to a person in need. 

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50% of the Prelims Exam (To be continued)

To be continued — Glaiza Mae Omana 3AD4

fill your mind with positive thoughts!

Read the Chapters and Post Ten Topics Regarding “Creative Strategy and the Creative Process”“Creative Execution: Art and Execution”Post your Title with Link Here
1 The Creative Team 
2 What Makes Great Advertising, 
3 Formulating Advertising Strategy the Key to Great Creative 
4 How Creativity Enhances Advertising, The Creative Process 
5 The Explorer Role (Gathering Information) 
6 The Artist Role (Developing and Implementing The Big Idea) 
7 The Judge Role (Decision Time) 
8 The Warrior Role (Overcoming Setbacks and Obstacles) 
9 Delivering on the Big Idea (The Visual and the Verbal 
10 The Art of Creating Print Advertising. 
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The World is Ending: LG Ultra HD TV Prank by Aj Dizon

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