I, Jose Romuldo “Rom” B. Cumagun, Main proponent of PWD.A.TV, am a person with disability (psycho-social – Bi-polar disorder)

I am a creator of educational videos on the internet, and as such, public service is the main goal of my broadcasting activities. In this pursuit, I need public support. I need the support of businesses and NGOs and individuals. I need your support.

I am proposing that you (the entrepreneur) or your business organization be one of the episode’s patron. Episode patrons will be given due credit at the beginning of the broadcast like so in the previous live broadcasts:

Episode Patrons support The Philippine Corporate Address Book owner (me) Jose Romualdo “Rom” B. Cumagun’s broadcasts at $54.99 per broadcast sent to paypal.me/JoseRomualdoCumagun , or Bank of the Philippine Islands (swift code BOPIPHMM) acct name: JOSE ROMUALDO CUMAGUN acct number: 3553315505.

Your support helps me cover the cost of production and to strengthen me to produce more relevant programs. Season patrons support my broadcasts at 21 episodes per season.

Hoping you like the idea… Sincerely.

Rom Cumagun

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This group is for all PWD (Person with Disability) ADVOCATES. A member need not be a person with disability to join this group, Everyone who supports …

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