The Cause and solution for the Corona Virus

according to the laws of nature


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: MRGM is a Person with Disability Advocate (partially blind). He is a nurse-assistant and an Arvut Workshop facilitator.

Nature is a closed system

Nature follows laws

Nature operates in harmony

Nature relates to us according to the measure of our development, by the way we understand and agree with its laws. Hence, we need to learn the laws of nature, and know the way to respond in order to be in balance with it.

Nature is a connected law that binds all its parts together – Still, vegetative, animal and people – and it doesn’t let any part control any of it egotistically and inconsiderate of the other, rather only in connection and mutual consideration with the rest of the parts of nature that operate in harmony

The Coronavirus brings the human society to a discovery that there is mutual dependency between people, as a result of the virus the negative relations between people are broken, which puts humanity into isolation and introspection.

In the next stage of development we will have to reach a positive connection between us; to operate considerately, in harmony and in mutual responsibility according to the connected, global interdependent system of nature that is constantly moving toward worldwide unity. Otherwise, nature will enact its force in order to bring us back to balance and positive mutual interdependence between us like today’s Corona epidemic.

Connection is not hugging and holding hands, it is a connection of the hearts. if we precede it and develop a positive attitude between us above the differences and disputes, above competition and mutual exploitation, we will awaken positive forces from nature that will demolish all the viruses. By this we will convert the negative forces that are pressing us to positive forces. Then we won’t need these natural blows or wars and struggles, instead we will merit knowledge, understanding and connection with the source of the blow – the internal positive force that is guiding humanity to connection.

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