My 2nd daughter turns 14

My 2nd daughter Angela Marie Cumagun turns 14

Other members of my family: My best friend and wife Pelagia Cumagun, our only son Jaypee Cumagun1st daughter Christine Marie Cumagun, 3rd daughter Marie Yvonne Cumagun

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accuracy of the solar systeM’s Model (10/1/2014) - how they Move? Here's the catch 🙂 And it was never taught to us, neither elementary, or high school
advertising Marist 1982 (8/7/2014) - Special thanks to Arch. Arch. Nuj Ar, University of Santo Tomas, College of Architecture Alumni, who generously shared significant feedback so that this video will improve.
Affectionately, Uncle Mon (6/29/2016) - Dear Rom, Congratulations! I am so proud of you and your Papa would have been more. Affectionately, Uncle Mon
back-to-back faMily day (7/19/2016) - by Anna Guia Alejar Congratulations to Year 1 and Year 6 for a successful back-to-back Family Day today 🙂
Blueridge Divas: Bambi Quema Bagatsing, Diana J Manglapus, Emma Mercado Anzures, Navarro Imee and Iryne Garcia --- goes paragliding at Timberland San Mateo Rizal with Communication Prof. Rom Cumagun June 10, 2014. Emma Mercado Anzures: thanks much for these beautiful photos! Regards! Rom Cumagun: You are welcome! As a photo-video documentarist, I aim to photograph what is present and not manipulate anything to enhance beauty; the photos are beautiful because the subjects are. Navarro Imee: Thanks, Rom Cumagun Help Filipinos Make Money & Meaning #makemoneyandmeaning blueridge divas goes paragliding (8/16/2016) - As a photo-video documentarist, I aim to photograph what is present and not manipulate anything to enhance beauty; the photos are beautiful because the subjects are.
colegio de san agustin batch ’90 hoMecoMing (8/17/2015) - Yvette Fernandez posted 27 new photos with Carlos P. Celdran and 27 others commenting: Always so much fun to come home to Colegio San Agustin. Congratulations, Batch ’90. Thanks for such a fun party! ❤❤❤
enjoying fellowship: ayala cfo rotary 20 years (8/16/2015) - Ayala CFO, Tg Limcaoco continues to enjoy fellowship and service with Rotary Club. He posted 8 new photos on his FB profile commenting, “I have been a member of this Club for 20 years now and I continue to enjoy the fellowship and service. Mabuhay RC Makati West and Victor Junvee Vital, this year’s President. Thank you JP, Lito and David for the photos.”
filipina 1st tiMe Middle east traveler insight (8/17/2015) - Jea Torres, recently an overseas contract worker in Dubai, posted on her facebook a photo of her near a mosque. She commented a profound insight "To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries."
FILIPINOS CELEBRATE 1ST ARMED FORCES WEEK (9/1/2015) - Civil Relations Services Lt. Lady Chatterly Sumbeling, Philippine Navy, Armed Forces of the Philippines, explained that Filipinos, in conjunction with National Heroes Day, will now be celebrating annually --- THE ARMED FORCES WEEK.
launching MSAL 2016 (7/29/2016) - launching Marist school, Marikina athletic league 2016 (The Making of... Behind the Scenes... Sports program of Marist School Marikina, Marist School Parents - Teachers Association )


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