Affectionately, Uncle Mon


Lipa City 4217 Batangas, Philippines
Tel. 56-1493

Governor, 1985-86



Affectionately Uncle MonDear Rom,

Congratulations! I am so proud of you and your Papa would have been more.

Uncle Mon

rancho 2 golf tournaMent & fellowship - Fundraising for the construction of the multi-purpose hall of Rancho Estate 2, Marikina City. Camp Aguinaldo Golf Club, Quezon City May 9, 2014
The Film and Audiovisual Communication Department College of Mass Communication University of the Philippines Presents this Certificate to JOSE ROMUALDO B. CUMAGUN for the successful completion of the requirements in the FILM PEDAGOGY WORKSHOP conducted in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of France on October 27 to November 7, 1997 given this 7th day of November 1997 at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City Signed SERGE GRUNBERG (Professor, University of Paris VIII) Christophe Jan (Audiovisual Attache, The French Embassy) Luis V. Teodoro, Jr. (Dean, College of Mass Communication U.P.) up(cMc) france filM pedagogy workshop - conducted on October 27 to November 7, 1997 SERGE GRUNBERG (Professor, University of Paris) Christophe Jan (The French Embassy) Luis V. Teodoro, Jr. (Dean, College of Mass Communication U.P.)
toastMasters leadership coMMunication - Characteristics of Effective Leaders... Pakistan Community Toastmasters... featuring speech projects 1 & 2 "You Sexy Thing" and "Things I will bring on a 25-year space mission" (ice-breaker) delivered in Bahrain
if the lord builds the house - Ground-breaking ceremony: Family Center Rancho Estate 2 Home Owners Association, Concepcion Dos, Marikina City, Philippines, July 16, 2016 4pm
The Officers and Board of Directors of FVEP - The Officers and Board of Directors met recently to discuss their coming general assembly and symposium in June.
Film educators elect officers - THE PHILIPPINE STAR March 30, 1994 The Nation Editor: Perry Solis FVEP recently elected its new set of officers for 1994.
FSBP has got a new name - The association said they will train teachers, share film and video resources and expertise, produce films and teaching material
Film educators reorganize - MANILA BULLETIN, May 6, 1994 The educators agreed to rename their organization the Film and Video Educators of the Philippines (FVEP)
Film school board reorganized - MANILA BULLETIN, Thurs., Mar. 10 1994 Film, video educators convened to reorganize the Film School Board of the Philippines (FSBP).
Film, video educators form new body, name interim officers - THE PHILIPPINE STAR Sunday, March 6, 1994. Around twenty film and video educators of various academic institutions recently convened
A Fresh Talent to Watch - His plan now is to direct independent and mainstream TV and film productions.
Rom Cumagun Guests in ABC 5’s Boyoyong - About Town. MANILA BULLETIN. 4 April 1993. Sunday Leisure: SL-3

Ramon Paggao Cumagun @85 from Journeys To Financial Security on Vimeo.

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