Brightest For The Bureaucracy

Republic of the Philippines

October 13, 1997

L4 B38 Violago Homes
Payatas, Quezon City

Dear Mr. Cumagun,

The Civil Service Commission (CSC), the central personnel agency of the government, has a special job placement program called the Brightest for the Bureaucracy Program (BBP).

The Program seeks to draw young people of superior knowledge and skills into the public service and nurture their career growth in government. We are interested in those who got high ratings in the CSC (88% or above) and PRC examinations; honor graduates who are automatically granted second level eligibility (PD 907); top 10% of graduating classes from recognized colleges and universities and those of exceptional qualifications. Enclosed is a brochure of the program.

As part of their continuing efforts to maintain the "bond that ties," graduates of the Values Orientation Workshop (VOW) recently conducted a Local Study Tour in Marikina City. The activity was aimed at exposing the graduates to outstanding local government units (LGUs) practicing productivity, professionalism in public service. VOW Batch 3 President Rom Cumagun Broadcast Media Dept. who spearheaded the activity says, "Marikina was chosen because of their proven credentials in the area of excellent local governance and was highlighted in a discussion on how and why the Marikina administration was able to transform the once sleepy municipality into a disciplined, active and industrialized city." .... The activity was also an opportunity for the VOW graduates to present TLRC's programs and services including the center's new flagship program ASAHAN. In line with the Center's new thrust in industry development, the group also discussed the present tie-up between TLRC and Marikina on the shoe industry development. They reiterated the need to technologically develop and aggressively promote the industry in view of the implementation of GATT-WTO. As a whole, the study tour served as an effective tool to inspire the 24 VOW graduates who participated in the activity to work towards greater productivity. "What the Marikina government has done to transform their community could serve as a challenge for us to do better," says one VOW participant referring to the values learned in the VOW seminar should be practiced in their respective work areas. ...... --- Report by Rich Canlas tlrc vow batch 3 tours Marikina - "Marikina was chosen because of their proven credentials in the area of excellent local governance, transforming the once sleepy municipality into a disciplined, active and industrialized city."
Civil Service Professional - Examination CSC-NCR (C.A.T.) April 22, 1997 is EIGHTY-EIGHT AND 65/100 Your name has been entered in a register of eligibles

To those who pass our screening, we offer personalized placement assistance. Furthermore, we monitor the career growth of those who have been placed and facilitate their access to career development opportunities.

If you are not in the government service yet, we are cordially inviting you to join and build a career in the public service through the BBP. Enclosed is a job application form. May we request you to set aside a few minutes of your time to fill it out and mail it back to us.

Please give this offer some thought. It may just be the start of an exciting and fulfilling career in the service of your country and people. Should further clarification be needed, please call up Ms. Lorna R. Manlapig of the BBP Operations Group at telephone #931-80-89 or 931-81-63.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Constitution Hills, Batasan Pambansa Complex,
Diliman, Quezon City, 1126 Philippines



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