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While all of Metro Manila’s workforce take a break because of APEC Metro Manila holidays, PLDT Antipolo, is at work. PLDT responded to a customer’s request to transfer his router’s location. Three shy technicians installed fiber optics in his Marikina City residence. PLDT’s prompt and cheerful response deserves a video essay.

The router is originally located in the main house living room and it is to be transferred to the back annex house. The crew decided that the best way to do so is to install a new connection which will go over the roof of the main house all the way to the annex house. The annex house is now being converted into The Philippine Corporate Address Book’s blogger’s studio.


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The three industrious service crew are Sean Chester Lagdameo 0908-665-7357, Marlo Papas 666-2869 & Denver de Vera 645-0442. In addition to the jovial afternoon brought by PLDT technicians: Marlo’s, Chester’s and Denver’s prompt and cheerful service, they also made this APEC holiday an education in communications technology.

Marlo, the team’s leader, was very perceptive that not so many customers (including The Philippine Corporate Address Book) have actually seen fiber optics. He suggested to me to videograph the peeling of the fiber’s coating before it is permanently installed. He also explained that light signals are transmitted to the fiber and through light, PLDT delivers voice, internet, video and cable television services.

I was prepared to wait for three weeks but PLDT attended to my need in less than three hours. On this APEC holiday, I was assured convincingly by PLDT’s Marlo, Chester and Denver that the company is true to their promise of changing lives by serving me well and showing me fiber optics.