Marist Asia Pacific Center (MAPAC), Marikina Heights, Rector, Br. Peter Rodney conducted an alumni recollection that could be described as a seasoned Marist leading the youth to follow In The Footsteps of Marcellin Champagnat.

Click on the image and the contents will elucidate better what this post is trying to share.

Br. Rodney, in his manner of conducting the recollection, made clear what Marist Brothers of St. Marcellin Champagnat (FMS founder) stands for.

The book he shared is one of the core documents of the Marist Brothers. It documents their vision for Marist Education today, especially as it pertains to schools and other educational initiatives such as this recollection.

Notre Dame de l'Hermitage

Notre Dame de l’Hermitage

Bro. Peter showed a video illustrating the network of Marist activities worldwide and contextualized this alumi recollection as just one of the sustained efforts of Marcellin’s disciples. The video shows that Marist Brothers and Lay come from 79 countries, 24 Provinces, 4 Districts and 1 Mission Ad Gentes Sector. The number is broken down further to 3,552 Brothers and 72,762 Lay Marists serving 654,392 children and young people.

Br. Peter introduced the lay vocation of Marist. He shared the book:

Gathered Around the Same Table which recognises that brothers and laity together share the same charism and mission bequeathed to them by St Marcellin Champagnat. As a dutiful Marist, he convincingly passed on this charism to the alumni.

Best of all, he shared the Marian sprituality as taught by St. Marcellin Champagnat. His love for their founder flowed through his demeanor as he explained that Marcellin was a simple rural man with a grand global vision.

Another book he shared was Water from the Rock, a further development of Marist spirituality flowing in the tradition of St Marcellin Champagnat.

Readers probably saw in the videos that the author is not totally unbiased in writing this post. He is an alumni of Marist High School Batch 1982.

He started studying with the Marists in 1977.

He desires to be a lay Marist.

With the examples of Br. Rodney, Br. Crispin, Br. Pat and many others not mentioned, it is not impossible for him, in fact it is very exciting to follow in the footsteps of Marcellin Champagnat.


  1. Thank you very much for sharing these! I am so blessed I am Marist! I am so happy I am part of Marist of Champagnat. I am ever grateful for the 32 years of service in Marist School and forever hopeful as retired lay Marist and still active member of CMMF(Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family). ‘”ALL TO JESUS THROUGH MARY!” As Marist let us all work for ‘A New Beginning’ as we face the hopes and challenges of Marist Bicentenary in 2017.

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