Catholic convert and staunch Marian advocate, Father Calloway, MIC, talks about how this movie scene accurately captures the fact that Mary is the primary source of the intimate family narratives of Jesus. Aside from the losing and finding of Jesus, only she could have narrated the stories of the Annunciation, the Visitation, the Birth of Jesus, the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple etc. He brought up the contradiction why some religions believe in the Bible stories but disregard Mary of Nazareth — the first one who told the stories in the first place.

Father Calloway recommends Catholics to watch the movie so that they will have deeper spirituality; he also suggests non-Catholics to do the same and reconsider the high importance of Mary in Christianity. He clarified that Catholics do not worship Mary but honor her as the mother of God. As in the first miracle of Jesus at the wedding at Canaa, where the mother brought the problem of the host for her son to resolve, so will she do the same for everyone’s petitions. Father Calloway sums up the correct Marian devotion:

“To Jesus, through Mary.” [WATCH MOVIE]

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