DREAMS NEED MONEYWhile the statement of presidential candidate Sen. Grace Poe, “I have no money, pol machinery but I have a dream,” is a necessary indirect campaign for funding support, I think she should have not said that.

Dreams need money and dreams remain dreams without money.

It is impossible to perceive her as having no money. Although I can perceive her as not having as much money as the more experienced candidates.

I recommend that she be packaged as having a decent amount of money. This I think will attract the business community to fund her campaign. Business people prefer to support candidates who have sharp economics acumen and who will more likely be attuned with how business works, not to mention how political campaigns work.

She hasn’t categorically said that she wants to run for president but I think it is about time she does. While it is true that “destiny calls people to power,” it is the discerning leader who rises up to the call of destiny. Everyday she is packaged as a reluctant leader is a day of lost confidence to someone who could be president of the Philippines.

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