ADPRAC 4 50% Prelim Exam

Razelle D Calara




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Read the Chapters and Post Ten Topics Regarding “Creative Strategy and the Creative Process” “Creative Execution: Art and Execution” Post your Title with Link Here
1 The Creative Team
2 What Makes Great Advertising,
3 Formulating Advertising Strategy the Key to Great Creative
4 How Creativity Enhances Advertising, The Creative Process
5 The Explorer Role (Gathering Information)
6 The Artist Role (Developing and Implementing The Big Idea)
7 The Judge Role (Decision Time)
8 The Warrior Role (Overcoming Setbacks and Obstacles)
9 Delivering on the Big Idea (The Visual and the Verbal
10 The Art of Creating Print Advertising.
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1.) This advertisement is very simple yet very informative. We actually have the potential to create such things to make life easier. This advertisement tends to attract people not because it it an “apple” product, but because it is more capable than you think it is. It shows us that it is more than ‘just’ a phone.

The iphone 5s Advertisement

2.) This is very fun to view especially to artists! Artists have a very unique way of thinking. It’s difficult to think of some creative ideas that would also attract people and promote at the same time.

26 Creative Guerilla Marketing Examples

3.) I really admire Coca Cola because they could actually think creative campaigns such as this. This will make you enlighten up a little. Making acquaintances is making connections with other people.

Coca Cola’s Friendly Twist

4.) This is very cool! I really like it when perspectives trick your sense of depth. The fact that perspective can be used as an optical illusion is a proof that art is also about patterns and measures. Perspective is what makes a painting seem to have form, distance, and look “real”.

Perspective is the Biz

5.) This is very interesting in a way that it says the total opposite of what beer commercial would normally say. Every time they advertise their products, they are contradicting the truth about it. But still, who would even slander their own product? Even if they are not honest, they still show their concern to their consumers by reminding them to “Drink Responsively”.

If Commercials were Honest

6.) This is very unique! I think this is fun for people who are curious on what other people tend to do at other places.

Video Mirror With A Thousand Faces

7.) This is very useful! We were never given the opportunity to have a subject solely for “colors” and “fonts” For us, advertising students, we were never taught on how to use colors in our plates. I think it’s much better to understand it ourselves than to be taught about it. It’s better to have our own way of designing!

8.)  It’s very hard to please a client especially if you have better ideas than them. I think it’s best if you could have a very comprehensive meeting with your client, discuss what you want, don’t want, what the want, and what they don’t want. It’s very important to hear each other out, to avoid conflicts and errors.

Worst Client Comments turned Into Posters

9.) For me, this is one of the best idea ever. Not only that people have saved a lot of money because of this campaign, but also they have given these vegetables and fruits a value. This helped to reduce the amount of vegetable and fruit being wasted.

Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables

10.) Then again, Japanese never fail to amuse me. I like their way of thinking. For most of people, they might say that Japanese are “weird” but for me, they are very creative and always thinking outside of the box. I noticed in their advertisements that they prefer to have a surreal feel in their ads which is very unusual and unique for our taste.

Japanese Advertising is Special in its own way

Color Theory Infographic

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1.) Shared a link on Facebook

Japanese advertising is special in its own way

2.) Shared a link on twitter

Samsung’s new invention

3.)  Shared a link on google plus

10 Best award winning TV ads

4.) Shared a link on tumblr


5.) Shared a link on pinterest

The importance of visuals

6.) Shared a link on reddit

Inglorious fruits and vegetables

7.) Shared a link on myspace

The Inspirational Video Everyone Should Live By

8.) Shared a link on blogger

9.) Shared a link on livejournal

World wildlife fund

10.) Shared a link on plurk

Anti-Littering Ads in Toronto: Littering Says A Lot About You

Write 5 Jokes Related to Advertising

1.) Mostly seen on commercials comparing their product to their rival brand:

“If you’re so much better than the leading brand… why aren’t you the leading brand?”
2.) When there are games that release their official trailer on youtube:

”   ‘Not Actual Game Footage’


     We put more effort into this advert than the actual game.  “
3.) For all those ipad Apple fan boys.. :

“iPad is thin. iPad is beautiful.” My laptop developed an eating disorder because of that advert”
4.) The true reason behind Burger King’s slogan:

 I ordered a Whopper in Burger King the other day and offered a pound for it.
    “No,” said the girl, “it’s £3.88!”
    We argued for a few minutes before she gave in.
    “Fine!” she said. “Have it your way!”
5.) Gilette’s ultimate goal?! :

  “If Gilette continue to increase the amount of blades on their razors, then we’re going to end up shaving with cheese        graters.”
Share 5 Favorite Books of Advertising Share links here

1.) Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This: A guide to Creting Great Ads

Very few advertising books are as easy and enjoyable to read. Written by a modern master of the advertising craft, it contains a wealth of information that everyone should know. If you’re just getting into the business, you’ll find a step-by-step guide to every aspect of advertising. If you’ve been around for decades, you’ll not only laugh (and cry) throughout the book, but will still pick up tips and reminders that continue to make you a better creative professional. If you’re stuck on a desert island with only one advertising book to read, this would be the one.

2.) Confessions of an Advertising Man

David Ogilvy was an advertising genius. At the age of 37, he founded the New York-based agency that later merged to form the international company known as Ogilvy & Mather. Regarded as the father of modern advertising, Ogilvy was responsible for some of the most memorable advertising campaigns ever created. Confessions of an Advertising Man is the distillation of all the Ogilvy concepts, tactics, and techniques that made this international best-seller a blueprint for sound business practice. If you aspire to be a good manager in any business, this seminal work is a must-read

3.) From Those Wonderful Folks Who Gave You Pearl Harbor

Possibly the longest title ever written for an advertising book, and yet it doesn’t make the information inside any less punchy. For people addicted to the life and work portrayed in Mad Men, this is the book for you. A vivid and no-holds-barred memoir of Madison Avenue advertising in the 60’s, it’s considered a cult classic, but should be right there on your shelf next to Ogilvy’s book.

4.) Purple Cow : Transform Your Business by Being

What if you see a black and white cow after only ever seeing brown cows? It stands out. But what happens when you keep seeing more and more black and white cows? What stands out then? It would take a purple cow. That’s the basic premise of Godin’s seminal book on transforming your business, and your advertising, into something remarkable. Stand out, be amazing, or blend in and go unnoticed.

5.) Truth, Lies, and Advertising : The Art of Account Planning

Great account planning ensures that advertising connects with the customers. But you don’t need to be an account planner to garner a world of savvy information from this book. Jay Chiat, founder of Chiat\Day, calls it “The best new-business tool ever invented.” Memorable, and highly successful, campaigns like “Got Milk?” and “Think Different” started with smart account planning. A book that’s a must-read for everyone in your advertising agency, not just the account department.

Share 5 Advertising Related Music

1.) “Dumb Ways To Die”

It’s a song made by Metro Trains Melbourne in order to remind people to be aware of the dangers of trains.

2.) “Sana” by Nikki Gil

It’s a song for Coca Cola commercial.

3.) “Through My Eyes” by Scott James

It’s a song for Autism awareness

4.) “We are the World”

The remake of this song is for the victims of earthquake in Haiti.

5.) “No More Drugs” by Menn Machine

It’s a song for world drug awareness.

Razelle D. Calara


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