These companies changed their logos this year

52a69230-2953-11e4-951f-e311c20420db_Visa 52b1dcd0-2953-11e4-a9cc-7163b0b1397c_MortonSalt 4ff9e8c0-2953-11e4-b8ee-7dbf58bb57a0_OxfordDictionaries 5000c690-2953-11e4-a9cc-7163b0b1397c_Fandango 52a64410-2953-11e4-b8ee-7dbf58bb57a0_Reebok 4ba29c90-2953-11e4-b8ee-7dbf58bb57a0_InterMilan 49d88af0-2953-11e4-a9cc-7163b0b1397c_TampaBayBuccaneers 4ba97a60-2953-11e4-a9cc-7163b0b1397c_Illinois 49c30720-2953-11e4-b8ee-7dbf58bb57a0_FloridaState 49c2e010-2953-11e4-951f-e311c20420db_Cadillac 43db2fe0-2953-11e4-b8ee-7dbf58bb57a0_Lipton 41f83f10-2953-11e4-951f-e311c20420db_BlackandDecker 50c56ec0-2956-11e4-b17e-7fbe27cf62f9_PayPalLogo 41f5ce10-2953-11e4-b8ee-7dbf58bb57a0_BacardiLogo 3c4f4590-2953-11e4-b8ee-7dbf58bb57a0_PenguinRandomHouse 3c558720-2953-11e4-a9cc-7163b0b1397c_Foursquare 3c50cc30-2953-11e4-951f-e311c20420db_WWELogo 3cac0b90-2953-11e4-951f-e311c20420db_Google 3c52a0f0-2953-11e4-ae9e-9b6c18373701_OliveGarden 3588f530-2953-11e4-b8ee-7dbf58bb57a0_Airbnb 41fb4c50-2953-11e4-a9cc-7163b0b1397c_Hotwire




  1. Google was still the same? =)) I like the old logos of the following: Black Decker (they were really known in this identity so why change it), Reebok (they looked like a car company in their new logo) and the Lipton (it looked like a championship belt and not like a refreshing drink anymore).

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  2. Regarding the Google logo, the letters “g” and “l” actually moved ever so slightly. The “g” moved to the right and the “l” moved down a little. I’m actually amazed and appalled at the fact that even the smallest of changes can be considered as a “whole make over” for a company’s logo. Very interesting.

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