The Other 50% of The Prelim Exams

Engines of Commerce




  1. Add new post
  2. Select, Copy all of the questions and answer boxes in this post and paste in (the visual editor) your new post.
  3. Fill in the necessary responses.
  4. Complete the requirements within two weeks time. You may publish immediately even if incomplete and edit your post as soon as you fill in one of the boxes.
  5. We will not meet in class on August 6, 2014 to give you more time to accomplish the this 50% and the other 50%.
Read on the following topics indicated in our course syllabus. Use Integrated Science by  Tillery as a guide.Post your Title with Link Here
1 What is Science?
2 Motion
3 Energy
4 Heat and Temperature
5 Wave Motions and Sound
6 Electricity
7 Light
8 Atoms and Periodic Properties
9 Chemical Reactions
10 Water and Solutions or Nuclear Reactions
Comment 10 times to posts of co-authors. Copy paste Your…

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