Blogosphere: Thoughts and what it really is


The blogosphere is the social universe created by online individuals using web log publishing platforms. Simply put, the blogosphere is a slang term for all the blogs on the internet. The blogosphere is often compared to grassroots journalism in that each member is able to post on any topic that catches their personal interest.

The blogosphere is a powerful social network in that many popular bloggers have an audience measured in thousands and, in some cases, millions. However, the blogosphere is also very diverse, so the it does not represent a unified social unit – even though some of the social sub-groups within the blogosphere are.

Post-based messaging services like Twitter are often considered part of the blogosphere despite the shorter length of the posts.

The blogosphere is considered a defined community within the larger scope of the internet due to the unique ways they interlink with one another and to the wider internet. Blogs can follow other blogs and repost portions of original posts or link out to original sources that prompted a post, such as news articles or product releases. Although bloggers can become influential and even profit from their posts, blogs are often maintained out of a desire to share thoughts with like-minded people rather than profit.

The blogosphere has become an invaluable source for citizen journalism – that is, real time reporting about events and conditions in local areas that large news agencies do not or cannot cover.


Blogging today lets you share your thoughts, experiences and opinion to the whole via internet. In this community you get to meet people from other places who share the same passion for a certain thing like you do. Blogging is one of the newest ‘in’ thing now here in our country. Although a large number of us Filipinos are not into it yet, there’s still evidence of an increase of Filipino bloggers today.



May it be a personal one to fashion and style blogs or educational like this one, blogs can help us reach people and places we didn’t know exist. The blogosphere is a community of people sharing their innermost thoughts and opinions.


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