Bad Ang Sinungaling

Editor's Note: Lessons learned of an advertising student while observing the movie production "Bad Ang Sinungaling" on location at the University of Santo Tomas, Manila campus.


Here is our picture with the technicians and productions staff for the movie of Marian Rivera with Ryzza Mae. The productions staff are working in a very broad part of the filming industry. I think the ones we saw are the lighting designers and the technicians.

Lighting Designer

The Lighting Designer develops a lighting plan based on the set design. He is responsible for coordinating the deployment of lighting instruments at put-in as well, along with the Master Electrician.

As with the other technical aspects of the show, the lighting should be designed to be consistent with the direction.


Master Electrician

(and Lighting Crew)

The Master Electrician makes the lighting plan happen. He organizes the light hang crew to get the lights hung from the lighting grid, focused, gelled, and connected to the dimmer board.

The Lighting Crew assists the Master Electrician in installing lighting instruments and cabling.


So here is the lead star in the film, Miss Marian Rivera. I really don’t know what is the role of Marian Rivera in this film. I think it was entitled “Bad ang Sinungaling”. Starring Miss Marian Rivera, Vic Sotto and Ryzza Mae Dizon. Unfortunately, Vic Sotto was not in the scene which was taped in UST.


And here is Ryzza Mae Dizon in a school uniform and wearing a long wig. Maybe this film is a much watched film because it was taped in UST. 🙂 Years from now, I can see Ryzza Mae as a rising star because of her passion and dedication in her acting and hosting. I often watch the Ryzza Mae show because I find it very entertaining and sometimes she acts and cries. She is very good in crying for seconds only 🙂



*Apologies to you Sir Rom because of blogging late about the taping. It was just because I don’t have a phone that is good enough for taking photos of Marian and Ryzza. Also I frequently use the laptop of my brother and I don’t have one on my own. Thank you for your considerations sir. I promise to blog more about multiple intelligences connected to advertising. THANK YOU SIR! 🙂


  1. No worries, Mary Hazel, your other posts display your attentiveness to your learning pursuits in Advertising and Science and they more than make up for a slight delay in your submission of this particular requirement. I understand your predicament with the immediate availability of a laptop and a higher resolution phone camera and so my prayer for you is that the universe will send you these tools now that you have mentioned them.

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