Help Build Reference Page

This blog site has a new page on References. Feel free to suggest materials that can be included in this page.


  1. I didn’t seem to get any clarification about the requirement we have. Are we supposed to submit one OR two literary pieces? All I got was mere “like” to my comment. Please clarify things soon, thank you!



    1. The title of the post is “Students Joining This Workshop Gets Perfect Score”:

      So if you are joining, then this statement applies to you

      “For students who are enrolled in both of my classes, you submit only one entry (as the workshop rules say) but get perfect score for the assessment of linguistic intelligence in both subjects in my class.”

      However I have addressed “For those not joining:”

      “Note: ADPRAC4-3AD-6 & NS102-3AD-6 are required to write two creative writing projects —one short story and one poem to comply requirements for each of your two subjects.”

      In order not to be confused, first you have to decide: are you joining or are you not?

      The contest is extended by the way

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