Students Joining This Workshop Gets Perfect Score

Engines of Commerce

Students Joining This Workshop Gets Perfect Score for Linguistic Intelligence PROJECT.

Message specially addressed to

  • ADPRAC4-3AD-4,
  • ADPRAC4-3AD-6
  • NS102-3AD-6
  • NS102-3AD-7

Feel free to choose any theme you wish to develop. I suggest however, that you write in the science fiction genre both for tackling the themes of either Advertising or Natural Science. For students who are enrolled in both of my classes, you submit only one entry (as the workshop rules say) but get perfect score for the assessment of linguistic intelligence in both subjects in my class.

For those not joining: You are required to write a short story or poem and publish it in our mutual blogsite. Those not joining the contest are limited to the themes on science and advertising. The deadline for posting is the same deadline indicated in the competition guidelines. Not included in the guidelines, but since you are artists, you are required to add a visual component…

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