Dear Michael Cumagun

Michael’s Friends Through The Years
So how did this blog start? Can one make a long story short? Let me try. At the topmost photo, from left to right, that’s Ed, Bebop, Francis, Bookie, Mon, and yours truly. We have known each other well since our college days. Over ten years ago, someone suggested I run for political office – kahit councilor lang, they joked – and they would be the support team. Yah right! The more liquor we drank, the wilder that idea became. Then it was time to go home and back to reality. This went on every get-together we had and, as Seinfeld would say, “Yada, Yada, Yada”.

Dear Michael

Good morning! I am your avid Facebook follower (now wordpress follower), co-alumnus at ADMU and co-Cumagun. I hope you remember the time we got the chance to be introduced at Ateneo by a mutual friend, Michelle Rodriquez I think her name was. I felt proud to be associated (by blood and by looks) with a college heart-throb.

Kidding aside, I am reaching out to you because I wish to improve upon our acquaintance significantly more notches higher. I have long wanted to initiate this but our separatedness seemed too distant. I am compelled now, however, to try harder because of my current teaching appointment at the University of Santo Tomas, College of Fine Arts and Design.

I am given the chance to teach part time Advertising Practice and Natural Science for starters. You, your brother and your dad’s experience in these fields are now a potential source of learning which I will need to pursue in order for me to be more effective in my work. My work, too, I hope you will find mutually useful for your professional and entrepreneurial goals.

I come in handy with public relations tasks which by default I am currently doing: every time I meet a colleague in advertising I usually get the ice-breaker question “how are you related to Tony?” My usual reply, mustering all the confidence I have — He is my uncle; his son Michael and I studied at the Ateneo together. I feel flattered if my acquaintance proceeds to say, “yes, now I can see the resemblance.”

On Advertising Practice: I approached your dad many years ago as a job applicant in his advertising agency. I wasn’t too keen on what I wanted to do then, professionally, and so half-hearted was my application. I took the employment tests though but I did not follow-up on it anymore. The highlight of that experience was in fact, meeting your dad up close and personal. The next encounter was with your brother in an advertising conference in Baguio. I was a member of Miriam College delegation as faculty of the Communication Arts Dept. I listened with diligence but I was too timid to approach him.

On Natural Science. Technology and Livelihood Resource Center is where I have worked as TV producer for a long time and this is where I got really interested with agribusiness and the science of agriculture. I know that you are into agribusiness in Negros and much I have to learn from you which I can integrate in my Natural Science course (soon Business courses). To be a genuine Master of Business Administration is another goal I wish to achieve.

As a Cumagun, if I am not mistaken, your dad and my dad Romeo Paggao Cumagun May 16, 1935 – Aug 3, 1989 (Ilagan, Isabela), married to Estrella Bano Baldillo (Bulan, Sorsogon) are second cousins. I wish to know our twigs in the Cumagun family tree and with that knowledge, strengthen the branches and the sap veins that connect us.

I would like to request for an appointment with you, your brother and your dad, hoping that your time spent with me will also be satisfying to all of you as I anticipate that your time with me will. I can also be contacted at home in Marikina City +6329414060 (will change sometime soon), GLOBE +6339272211966, SMART +639995064928


Rom Cumagun